.:ОАО "Ферроприбор" - изоляционная лента для трансформаторов, дросселей и других моточнывх изделий:.


adhesive Tape, polyester, type 1350.

we Offer You the tape for моточных products on the acrylic basis.

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Basic parameters

the Thickness 0,064 mm

the Power of clutch 3,3H/10 mm

tensile Strength 35Н/10 mm

breakdown Voltage 5000В

Fire UL 510

Operating temperature 150 °

Length 66 m

Color yellow

Width 1350Y2 No 80-897-65 12 mm
1350Y2 No 80-897-73 25 mm

the Scope

is Used as insulation material for transformers, throttles, other моточных products.

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