Ферриты: список транспортных компаний для доставки продукции ОАО "Ферроприбор" конечным потребителям


Here You can choose the most suitable company
for the delivery of our products to Your address

1. LLC "ЖелДорЭкспедиция - Spb"
  • More than 20 branches
  • the Constant availability of cars
  • Regular dispatch
  • Автодоставка cargoes in Saint-Petersburg and branches "from door to door"
  • Material responsibility for cargo safety in road
  • Ability to pay at any branch
  • the Presence of cold and warm warehouses
  • Services on transportation of valuable cargo
178 nevsky pr., str. Saint-Petersburg, ul. Кременчугская, etc. 25
t./f.: (812) 336-55-55
E-mail: rwe@startelecom.spb.ru
Company website: http://www.jde.ru
Tariffs for transportation of -> here.
2. Transport company "BAIKAL-SERVICE"
URGENT DELIVERY of CARGOES from 1 kg across Russia.
  • more Than 50 cities.
  • cargo Delivery container of all sizes (3, 5, 20 tons and 40 ft) in virtually any city of Russia. Wide branch network can provide additional services - reception of the container to the station of destination and delivery to the "doors" the client.
  • Reception and delivery of goods: Monday-Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.
g. Saint-Petersburg, ul. Poltava, etc. 9
g. Saint-Petersburg, ul. Mineral, etc. 31
t./f.: (812) 768-47-91, 541-89-16
E-mail: info@baikalsr.ru
Company website: http://www.baikalsr.ru
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3. Service delivery "EXPRESS-COURIER"
  • Express delivery of parcels and cargoes across Russia and all over the world on the principle of “from door to door”.
  • the Courier delivery of the printed and advertising production in the offices and mail boxes of the cities.
  • Interactive tariff calculator.
  • keeping Track of Your orders.
g. Saint-Petersburg, ul. Writers 17, of. 102.
tf.: (812) 140-73-67, 234-03-30
E-mail: spb@edostavka.ru
Company website: http://www.edostavka.ru
Tariffs for transportation of -> here.
4. Transport company "" GRUZOVOZOFF;
195009, str. Saint-Petersburg, ul. Mineral, 31.
194100, str. Saint-Petersburg, Yuzhnoye shosse, 31, to. 1.
tf.: (812) 322-65-80, 768-78-71
E-mail: spb@gruzovozoff.ru
Company website: http://www.gruzovozoff.ru
Tariffs for transportation of -> here.
5. Transport company "РУССТРАНСПОРТ"
  • delivery of goods to the northern and eastern directions
  • forwarding services.
  • a personal system of discounts.
g. St. Petersburg, ul. Poltava, russia
t./f.: (812) 768-40-79, 768-97-95;
E-mail: russtransport@mail.ru
Company website: http://www.russtransport.ru
Tariffs for transportation of -> here.
6. LLC "Autotrading - Spb"
DELIVERY of CARGOES from 1 kg up to 20 t . throughout Russia

The cost of the tariff includes transportation
  • stability of pricing policy
  • fixed delivery time
  • the optimal routes and methods of transportation
  • interactive tariff calculator
196240, str. St. Petersburg, ul. Cuban, 26, korp. 4.
t./f.: (812) 380-75-50, 375-93-73, 375-60-05, 723-09-93
E-mail: info@autotrading.ru
Company website: http://www.autotrading.ru
Tariffs for transportation of -> here.
7. LLC "Business line"
DELIVERY of CARGOES of ANY SIZES throughout Russia
  • a wide network of branches
  • interactive tariff calculator
g. St. Petersburg, ul. Poltava, etc. 9.
t./f.: (812) 320-19-03, 325-53-65 
E-mail: info@dellin.ru
Company website: http://www.dellin.ru
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8. A group of partners "Armadillo + Бизпак"
DELIVERY Of CARGOES and PARCELS throughout the Russian AUTO-transport, and AIR transport in 65 cities of Russia

Thanks to the advantageous for customers conversion translation of volumetric weight (1 m3 = 167 kg.), the tariff is becoming attractive for sending the lungs, but a bulk cargo.
  • every day
  • guaranteed term
  • payment after delivery services
  • ability to send нестандартов
  • interactive tariff calculator
196240, Saint-Petersburg, ul. Predportovaya, 109052
t./f.: (812) 326-65-64, 326-65-63 
E-mail: Customers@led.bizpak.ru
Company website: http://www.bizpak.ru and http://www.armadillo.ru
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