u-shaped cores with rectangular legs, type UU,

Fig. 1.

Fig. 2.

L (mm)
Geometric dimensions of cores, type PP,
Size H (mm) S (mm) h (mm) l1 (mm) l* (mm) f (mm)
UU 3х3х1,5 (Fig. 1.) 8,2-0,3 1,5percent 5,5+0,3 3,0percent 46±1,0 3,0+0,3 3,0+0,15
UU 16х14х28 (Fig. 2.) 39,5±1,1 visit±0,8 25,5±0,8 aug±0,5 46,0±1,0 16,0min
UU 20х13х35 (Fig. 2.) 53,5±1,0 35,0±0,8 41,0±0,8 13,0±0,35 46,0±1,6 20,0±0,9
UU 40х17х18 (Fig. 2.) 37,0coast 18,0table 20,0-0,9 17,0±1,3 of 74.0thousand 40,0mauritius


* – Size for reference

Geometric dimensions of the core of type P 110А
Size H* (mm) h (mm) l (mm) l1 (mm) L* (mm) l2 (mm) S (mm)
U 110А 33 20,0not 41,0±1,5 13,0-0,8 67 13,0+1,2 16,0hpa

u-shaped cores type of UK

Geometric dimensions of cores type of PC
Size l (mm) D (mm) H (mm) h (mm) L* (mm) l1 (mm) D1 (mm) b (mm)
UK 17x12 17,0not 12,0April 18,0April 7,0air 40 33,0coast and 2,5+0,6
UK 20х16 20,0time 16,0April 30,0asian 16,0April 54 of 42.0compensation example 3,5+0,5
UK 26х13 26,0dumont 13,0April 21,0-0,9 11,0April 51 45,0dumont 13,3 3,0+0,6
UK 30х16 30,0time 16,0April 30,0asian 16,0April 60 52,0compensation example 3,5+0,6

u-shaped cores type of UUK

*– Size for certificates

**– deviation from the values of H and h for specific cores on agreement with customer

Geometric dimensions of cores type of PPC
Size l (mm) D (mm) H (mm) h (mm) L* (mm) l1 (mm) S (mm)
UUK 6x9 6,35±0,35 of 8.65±0,35 aug±0,35 scorpion±0,25 20,7 4,75±0,25 of 8.65±0,35
UUK 13х14,5 13,0+1,0 14,5April 30,0asian 18,5+0,7 37,7 10,4April 14,5April
UUK 15х15 15,0+1,0 15,0April 38,0asian 26,0+0,7 41,5hpa 11,5April 15,0April